Prague : magic streets

When walking in Prague, the tourist’s gaze immediately falls on the  buildings’ facades. Indeed, in Prague the facades are each unique with often very beautiful sculptures. As a photographer what interested me in Prague was the life that took place in the street or by the river. It was as rich in teaching as the facades. In addition, Charles’ Bridge  is always full of people. Thus you have to come very early in the morning, before sunrise, to see it empty. Meanwhile the lights of the night which have not yet disappeared and the light of the dawning day in the capital of Czechia  give a special atmosphere.

In the Prague’s streets people are very tolerant of photographers. Therefore they don’t stop them from shooting because they are used to seeing tourists. On the other hand, in churches or museums of Prague, the story is different. For instance, one day inside Saint Vitus Cathedral I was taking pictures with a monopod due to  little light. Consequently, the guard immediately stopped me and told that it was forbidden to take pictures. So, I took off my monopod and this time he didn’t say anything to me. To clarify situation, in Prague with a monopod, you looked like a professional. My goal, according to him, was to take pictures of Churches of Prague and sell them. But, he never tells me the real reason for his ban.

In conclusion to take interesting photos in Prague, you have to walk. As a result, if you need to travel long distances between districts, I advise you to take the tram which is very quaint and practical. During the travel, we see many things around Prague. Certainly, a city as Prague  with a river and hills is bound to be beautiful and photogenic.

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