Krakow : city of beauty and culture

Krakow is the best of the cities to appeal to tourists. It has kept its old cachet because unlike Warsaw, it was spared destruction during World War II.

The two cities, Warsaw and Krakow are different and compete with each other. In addition,  Krakow is a city small enough to explore everything on foot. A park called “Planty” goes all around the city and brings freshness to walkers during the hot summer mouths.

The city of Krakow is very lively. Firstly, both classical and jazzy music can be listened to in the interior courtyards of beautiful bourgeois houses. Secondly, the Rynek has plenty of café terraces and in summer, acrobats distract tourists.

Krakow is a city of culture and history. For instance, the statue of Adam Miekiewicz recalls this man’s fight to bring the Polish soul to life when Poland no longer existed. Moreover, every hour you can hear from the top of the church tower the “hejnal” played by a trumpet player. This music is the symbol of Krakow. Indeed, she recalls the past struggle of Krakow against the Mongols.

The photographer sees a lot of things in Krakow. In the center of the city he can photograph the beautiful things that attract the visitors.

As soon as you move away from the center, you approach everyday life. For example  poverty and modesty are visible. Specifically we then see the odd jobs that allow the Poles to live.

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