Who I am?

My name is Michel Leclerc. I am French, born in the North of France, near Lille, 70 years ago. I am a trained engineer. I had a professional career in IT. Today, I am retired and my passion is photography.

When I was young, I spent all my weekends in the cellar of my family’s house that I had set up as a photo lab. My photos were dried in the kitchen in front of my mother’s annoyance.

Mainly, I photographed what surrounded me : my family, street scenes in my city, our vacation days by the North sea.


Today as I am retired I have more time to travel. I always take my camera with me to take pictures in the street, in nature that mark me. I want to let you know some of these pictures.

My favorite regions are Poland, the Czech Republic, the South and the  North of France, where I have  emotional link because I have there family.


Lunar eclipse in Warsaw on july 27, 2018

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