Poland : multifaceted country

Poland is a fascinating country. She is a master of the art of survival. Indeed, for 123 years she was wiped off the map of Europe and was reborn in 1918 and officially recognized by the Treaty of Versailles.  In fact, the Poles have never forgotten their glorious past and have kept their tradition. But they are also very open and have always been attracted to new lifestyles and new ideas.

I have traveled all over the country for several years. Through my photos I have tried to show the attachment of the Poles to tradition but also the avant-garde achievements which project the Poles into the future.

We must not forget that Poland is an agricultural country. Thus, nature occupies an important place there. It appears in a wild form unaffected by the human hand.

This nature will cause the storks to invade Masuria where they will find something to ensure their subsistence and their descendants.

As for cities in Poland, they will be adorned with multiple colors because color brings happiness when the weather is sad and cold.

The Catholic religion punctuates the life of the Poles. For instance, at the feast of God, at the end of May, for a week, processions take place in the evening at 6 p.m. around the village churches of Poland. During this week, Poles of all ages participate in flamboyant costumes.

In France, the churches are emptying unlike Poland where they are full of faithful. Thus, in Wadowice, the hometown of John Paul II, services follow one after the other throughout the day and the faithful are forced to attend Mass from outside the church.

When the Pole likes something, he does it all. For example, on the Baltic coast a small church has almost entirely disappeared due to the advance of the sea. To admire the wall that still remains, the Poles have built a huge footbridge over the sand.

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  1. Agnieszka Kucharska

    Michel, zauważyłam na Twoich kadrach, że doświadczyłeś słynnego “decydującego momentu”, o którym mówił Henri Cartier-Bresson. Widzę to na zdjęciach Zakopane, the shoe showcase, Jelenia Góra, August 15, Army Day i innych. Brawo !

    1. admin

      W rzeczywistości zdjęcia, które cytujesz, pokazują sceny, które trwały tylko sekundę.

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