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As street photogrAPHER I capture Fleeting moments/UNUSUAL PLACES/emotions

As a street photographer I look at the world in a different way. Sometimes a moment that lasts a few seconds left me with an indelible memory. So, I captured them with my camera and I would like to share with you the emotions I felt.

STREET PHOTOGRAPHER Based in France. Available Worldwide


For me every thing is conducive to taking good photos. Thus, everywhere I go my camera is in a shoulder strap. It follows that with my photos I try to tell stories. But as a street photographer I'm not looking for aesthetics at any costs. According to me color and light remain fundamental because there are part of life.

I'm Michel Leclerc, street photographer

I am French, born in the North of France, near Lille, 70 years ago. My training is engineer and most of my professional career has been spent in IT. Today, I am retired and I'm passionate about photography especially street photography.

When I was young, I spent all my weekends in the cellar of my family’s house that I had set up as a photo lab. Therefore, my photos were dried in the kitchen in front of my mother's annoyance.

Above all, I photographed what surrounded me : my family, street scenes in my city, our vacation days by the North sea. Already young, I was a street photographer.  

My grandfathers were coal miners. In addition, my maternal grandparents were Polish. In the 1920’s, they emigrated to France. Subsequently I didn't know much about Poland and they I was  retired I had an intense need to know my origins.

Some of my favorites pictures

Photographic news

Exposure Steve McCurry in Paris to may 29, 2022

Exposure of Robert Doisneau in Lyon to april 30, 2022

winners of the 2020 Montier photos competition

Based in France. Available Worldwide

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