On the first day of my retirement, I started to learn about Poland that I didn’t Know. Thus,  I have been studying Polish at the University of Lille and in 2020 I received my master in Slavic studies. Every year, I visit my distant Polish family in Poland. In result, I have been visiting this country several times a year for 7 years, with my camera on the shoulder, ready to capture  interesting scenes.

On this site I put some photos of Poland, showing my look on the land of my ancestors.

One of my sons lives in Prague in the czech Republic. He started a family there. I take advantage of my visits to Prague to stroll around the city and capture photos of scenes that impress me. So, I will show some to you on this site.

Finally, I will show you pictures of the places where I live in France, the region of Lille in the North of France  and the region of Sete in the south of France.

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