Let the giants in Lille dance !

Lille is the most festive city in France. Many events are the occasion for the people of Lille and more generally the people of the North of France to meet together in the street to party. The first is the transformation of Lille and its region in the colors of Mexico. Latino-American demonstrations are organized and it ends with a gigantic popular parade with many colors. We must not forget either the giants in Lille.

Often the heritage days are an opportunity to take out the giants in Lille who are fictitious beings 3 to 4 meter in height who dance in the streets of the city. These giants already existed in the Middle Ages and are the collective identity of a city.

The Lille football team (Losc) became French champions in 2021. It was an opportunity for the supporters to take to the streets and show their immense joy.

At the beginning of December, a Ferris wheel is set up on the Grand Place in Lille. Its colors illuminate the whole neighborhood until the beginning of January.

On the esplanade, near the citadel, merry-go-rounds delight children and adults alike when the weather is fine.

The party will not even be disturbed by the rain, it will continue as if nothing had happened. The famous French singer Enrico Macias paid a great tribute to the people of the North when he sang:

  “The people of the north have in their eyes the blue that their decor lacks.

  The people of the north have the sun in their hearts which they do not have outside “.

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