Venice : town victim of its own success

No need to introduce Venice. Everyone knows and dreams of spending a few days there at least once because Venice is a museum city whose architectural splendor is expressed around every corner. However sightseeing tours are concentrated around St. Mark’s Square with a few points of maximum concentration such as the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal or the Bridge of Sighs.

A gondola ride is a must if you come to Venice and there are plenty of gondoliers waiting for you along the canals for a half-hour ride. But moorings are stormed by groups of Japanese, making it impossible for the isolated tourist to climb into a gondola.

Saint Mark’s Square is often flooded with “aqua alta”. Precisely water rises from each stone and invades the square in a matter of minutes.

Consequently tourists are forced to walk on wooden walkways. Despite this it does not affect the calm of the musicians who continue to play romantic music on the cafe terraces.

As soon as you get away from the center a bit, it’s a whole different atmosphere. Indeed we feel in a village with old-fashioned charm and there is no more noise and life seems peaceful.

Venice is closely linked with its lagoon and its many islands. But life on these islands is quite different especially on Murano and Burano. The reason is that tourists go there less because they are far away. The interest of Murano is its glassworks and that of Burano, the tranquility of its streets, of its fishing port lined with multicolored facades.

Opposite Venice, there is the lido, a strip of fine sand laid out for mass tanning. Howerver in April the tourists are not there yet and the few people who are resting on the sand have the choice of the deckchair.

Photography is not easy in Venice because there is often a lack of perspective in the small streets to photograph monuments. Otherwise what’s interesting is trying to capture the hustle and bustle of this city.

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