Italy : contrast between north and south

Italy is like a big museum which attracts many tourists. Firstly the north shows us a profusion of remarkable monuments, richly decorated. Secondly the south and particularly the Naples’bay  and the Amalfi Coast show us small towns clinging to the steep wall and bathed in sunlight. Further we can say that colors of the end of the day are particularly beautiful. Thus the photographer can go into action. 

The cities are teeming with tourists especially Florence and the Vatican. Unfortunately the complete silence normally imposed when crossing the Sistine Chapel is impossible due to the crowds, but some privileged places such as Saint Peter’s Square or Saint Peter’s Basilica are almost empty at favorable times of the day.

The beauty of the Naples‘ bay makes us forget that one day or another Mount Vesuvius will break loose again to cover everything in ashes.

Pompei immediately reminds us of this when we see these petrified plaster bodies. Moreover a lancer gazing at the mountain brings witness to the uselessness of our struggle in the face of the of nature ‘s elements.

My photos were taken on a group trip. Thus, the difficulty encountered is that the time is limited to take the photos. In other words the group cannot wait for the photographer.

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