Braderie Lille : enormous flea market

Braderie in Lille  is Europe’s leading flea market. Indeed, it attracts up to 2 million visitors on the first weekend of September. Moreover these visitors sometimes come from far away, especially from England and Germany. Besides there are 10,000 exhibitors on 100 km of sidewalks in the city. It is a  tradition that dates back to the year 1127.

On the stalls, there are all kinds of old objects. So, pleasure is trying to find the rare item for a low price. Today, you can even find barbers who offer a cut at a low price but according to them of good quality.

 Braderie in Lille  is not just a market. Also, this is the opportunity to eat a plate of moules-frites  and drink beer. Finally the restaurants compete among themselves to have at the end of the clearance sale the largest pile of mussel shells in front of their terrace.

Students party all night long and concerts are given all over the city. But twenty years ago, it lasted non-stop from Friday evening to Monday evening. In fact, today it is reduced from Saturday noon to Sunday evening. However it remains a great popular celebration.

At the end, on Monday morning, all the streets are cleaned as if nothing had happened. Life has resumed its normal course.

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