Pointe Courte is a timeless district in Sete

In Sete, in the south of France, there is a district that lives outside of time: la Pointe Courte. It is a district of small-scale fishermen who once made a living from fishing in the Thau lagoon. The houses are built from odds and ends, bordering on legality. Today these fishermen are retired and life is peaceful under the sun. Few tourists venture there. In Pointe Courte fishing stayed, but now for fun.

However, every year in October the neighborhood comes alive in Pointe Courte. Indeed over a period of 15 days, the sea bream leave the Thau lagoon to go to sea. They pass through the short point. Consequently, dozens of fishermen crowd together with their rods to catch these sea bream. Firstly the fishing rods intermingle, secondly the tone rises. Finally, the tranquility of the inhabitants of Pointe Courte  is disturbed.

In Pointe Courte cats are the masters of the neighborhood. Twice a day a resident comes to feed them. During this moment fishing nets spread over the open spaces along the water’s edge to dry in the sun.

So, in Pointe Courte life is simple. The inhabitants do not barricade themselves at their homes. Thus the streets and the banks of the canal belong to them. In other words, they are an extension of their garden.

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